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ACT Team :: Projects :: Control of mobile robots and vehicles in unknown and dynamic environments
Control of mobile robots and vehicles in unknown and dynamic environments
Project title Control of mobile robots and vehicles in unknown and dynamic environments
Principal investigator Ivan Petrović
Reaserchers Edouard Ivanjko
Kristijan Maček
Mišel Brezak
Andrej Kitanov
Marija Seder
Srećko Jurić-Kavelj
Ivan Marković
Brief info Mobile robotics is an interdisciplinary scientific discipline, which has been evolving very intensively for the last twenty years. Various mechanical constructions of a mobile robot and its drive mechanism, as well as electrical and electronic implementation of drives, sensors, power supplies and control systems, are being researched. While a selection of mechanical construction, drive mechanism, sensors and power supplies dominantly depends on the robot application, the control system is mostly generic so it can be developed application-independent. A number of research groups of reputable universities around the world have developed their own mobile robot control systems (among them is this project proposer’s group), but a number of open-end research problems still remains. Particularly, the most control systems are tested in laboratory environments, which are assumed to be structured and stationary, but the direct, specific goal of the proposed project is to develop mobile robots and vehicles control system, which will enable fully autonomous navigation in unknown, unstructured and dynamic environments. In order to systematically solve this complex problem, probabilistic multisensor fusion methods, optimal state estimation of nonlinear stochastic systems with multimodal measurement uncertainties, advanced automatic control methods, artificial intelligence and decision-making methods will be applied. The most important expected result of the proposed research is a generic library of advanced mobile robot control functions, which can be easily applied to different designs of autonomous mobile robots and vehicles as well as to different applications in unknown and dynamic environments. Every developed algorithm will be experimentally tested in computer simulations and on available mobile platforms. Also, it is expected that some of them will find particular industrial application even before the project ends. Proposed research could be very valuable to the Republic of Croatia, having in mind expected large expansion of autonomous mobile robots and vehicles applications in the world and the possibility for small high-tech companies to participate on that market. In that sense, this project could be stimulation for forming such high-tech companies, so that this opportunity wouldn’t be missed, as was the case with the automotive industry.
Collaboration Project supported by Croatian Ministry of Science and Technology
Links http://www.fer.hr/en/projects?@=cluo#eu_projekti_11452 

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