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Conference paper
Modelling of Mobile Robot Dynamics
EUROSIM 2010, 7th EUROSIM Congress on Modelling and Simulation, Prague, Czech Republic, 06-10.09.2010., Vol.2, 2010
This paper presents two approaches to modelling of mobile robot dynamics. First approach is based on physical modelling and second approach is based on experimental identification of mobile robot dynamics features. Model of mobile robot dynamics can then be used to improve the navigational system, especially path planing and localization modules. Localization module estimates mobile robot pose using its kinematic odometry model for pose prediction and additional sensor measurements for pose correction. Kinematic odometry models are simple, valid if mobile robot is travelling with low velocity, low acceleration and light load. Disadvantage is that they don't take any dynamic constraints into account. This leads to errors in pose prediction, especially when significant control signal (translational and rotational velocity reference) changes occur. Problem lies in the fact that mobile robot can't immediately change its current velocity to the desired value and mostly there exists a communication delay between the navigation computer and mobile robot micro-controller. Errors in predicted pose cause additional computations in path planning and localization modules. In order to reduce such pose prediction errors and considering that mobile robots are designed to travel at higher velocities and perform heavy duty work, mobile robot drive dynamics can be modelled and included as part of the navigational system. Proposed two modelling approaches are described and first results using a Pioneer 3DX mobile robot are presented. They are also compared regarding to complexity, accuracy and suitability of implementation as part of the mobile robot navigational system.
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