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A mobile robot based system for fully automated thermal 3D mapping
Advanced engineering informatics (1474-0346), Vol.28 (4), pp.425-440, 2014
It is hard to imagine living in a building without electricity and a heating or cooling system these days. Factories and data centers are equally dependent on a continuous functioning of these systems. As beneficial as this development is for our daily life, the consequences of a failure are critical. Malfunctioning power supplies or temperature regulation systems can cause the close-down of an entire factory or data center. Heat and air conditioning losses in buildings lead to a large waste of the limited energy resources and pollute the environment unnecessarily. To detect these flaws as quickly as possible and to prevent the negative consequences constant monitoring of power lines and heat sources is necessary. To this end, we propose a fully automatic system that creates 3D thermal models of indoor environments. The proposed system consists of a mobile platform that is equipped with a 3D laser scanner, an RGB camera and a thermal camera. A novel 3D exploration algorithm ensures efficient data collection that covers the entire scene. The data from all sensors collected at different positions is joined into one common reference frame using calibration and scan matching. In the post- processing step a model is built and points of interest are automatically detected. A viewer is presented that aids experts in analyzing the heat flow and localizing and identifying heat leaks. Results are shown that demonstrate the functionality of the system.
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